Eric D. Schabell: Google Lightning Talk - Optimizing Observability Spend: Metrics

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Google Lightning Talk - Optimizing Observability Spend: Metrics

Today on day 1 of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon I was asked to speak in a lighting talk slot at the Google booth. 

The topic was, of course one that is on the lips of everyone here at the event, how can I save on costs?

I thought it would be interesting to share my observations on how you can optimize your observability spend in this rather chaotic cloud native world.

Below you'll find the slides I presented, and a short abstract of the talk.

This talk was to share some insights into cloud native observability and specifically the massive flood of cloud data you can expect. Data that is often not even used or found useful by your organization, yet ends up driving up your cloud spend. Here are the slides:

For completeness, the session abstract is provided below.

Google Lightning Talk - Optimizing Observability Spend: Metrics

Are you collecting just about every metric under the sun and the kitchen sink too? Understanding the cost of collecting metrics and the usefulness of those metrics is the only way to scale in a cloud native world. You can’t get away with just collecting everything as you grow. 

Your observability teams need to make decisions about what to collect, what to drop, what to aggregate, and still be able to alert, triage, remediate, and do their root cause analysis on a daily basis. Gain immediate insights into high cost data (DPPS), when to drop time series data, and how to determine when the value of that data is at its lowest. Session includes a recorded demo video of it in action.

Time given: Wed, 19 April, 18:25 - 18:35 CET

Was a really fun tine at the booth and everyone seemed happy with the beer tap open and lightning talks streaming one after the other at the booth!

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