Eric D. Schabell: PromCon EU 2023 - Heading to Berlin with Dashboards and Compliance

Monday, August 7, 2023

PromCon EU 2023 - Heading to Berlin with Dashboards and Compliance

This year PromCon EU is being held in Berlin, Germany on Sep 28-29. It will be my second edition and I'm looking forward to the two days of all things Prometheus and cloud native observability.

I've yet to speak at one of these events, but this time around I wanted to share two different sessions, one is a lightning talk introduction to a workshop I've put together. The second one is a regular talk on the topic of the Prometheus Compliance Program which I've spent some time digging into to validate my employers compliance with the standards. 

I think they are good topics to share and help others getting started with these areas of Prometheus and integration with Prometheus.

Below are my two submissions to the call for papers, but even if not selected I'm most likely going to trek up to Berlin and join in on the two days of fun.

Prometheus Compliance Program - Validating your vendor claims!

In late 2021 the Prometheus Compliance Program was founded, with the intention of providing a way for you to test (vendor) interfaces for compliance with various aspects of the CNCF open source standards Prometheus prescribes. Since then it's evolved into a fully functional test suite for various standards found in the Prometheus project. In this talk you'll be introduced to the program and take a tour of the current compliance testing suites (alert generator, remote write sender, PromQL, and OpenMetrics). This session will conclude by examining how to setup and run the current PromQL compliance suite against an existing vendor you want to validate for Prometheus Compliance. The attendees will leave with a solid understanding of the Compliance Program, know where to find it, and take home a real world example of testing vendor claims.

Open Source Dashboards with Perses (workshop introduction) 

Are you interested in the concepts of cloud native observability (o11y)? Are you part of a DevOps team looking to put together some simple yet powerful open source dashboards but are not sure where to start? This lightning talk introduces the freely available online workshop that teaches you everything you need to know about Perses, the newest member of the CoreDash community. You'll leave being able to get started on a guided tour through what the Perses project is, how to install locally, and how to start building your first dashboard(s). 

If you get the chance, be sure to register and join in on the cloud native observability and CNCF open source community fun. I'm looking forward to catching up with you!

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