Eric D. Schabell: DataOps Day 2023 - Optimizing Observability Spend: Metrics (slides)

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

DataOps Day 2023 - Optimizing Observability Spend: Metrics (slides)

As previously posted, I presented at the DataOps Day event on 16 Aug. 

The entire day was focused on a deep dive into the world of data and DataOps. Register for free to join this online event (or to browse the post-event recordings) and hear from data and business leaders who have adopted DataOps to achieve their goals for quality, security and speed.

I'm sharing some insights into the need for organizations to understand and adopt the Observability Data Optimization Cycle to survive the crush of cloud native observability data coming at them.

To gain some insights, let's take a look at the details of my session and explore the slides.

Below you will find the details of my talk and the slides:

Optimizing Observability Spend: Metrics

Are you collecting just about every metric under the sun and the kitchen sink too? Understanding the cost of collecting metrics and the usefulness of those metrics is the only way to scale in a cloud native world. You can’t get away with just collecting everything as you grow. Your observability teams need to make decisions about what to collect, what to drop, what to aggregate, and still be able to alert, triage, remediate, and do their root cause analysis on a daily basis. Gain immediate insights into high cost data (DPPS), when to drop time series data, and how to determine when the value of that data is at its lowest. Session includes a recorded demo video of it in action.

Post event there should be recordings available through registration at the event site. Thanks if you attended live and if not, reach out here if you have any comments or questions!

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