Eric D. Schabell: KubeCon NA 2023 - Roadmap to Becoming a CNCF Ambassador (slides)

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

KubeCon NA 2023 - Roadmap to Becoming a CNCF Ambassador (slides)

Today I was on site at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) bi-annual event known as KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA in Chicago.

As previously posted, one of my sessions was accepted this year and today I co-presented with Katie Greenley, who leads Community Engagement + Outreach, CNCF for the Ambassador program!

It was a really good time and being on stage with our very own Katie who is pretty much the Queen organizer all year round for our community and consistently exceeds expectations in communication and shepherding ambassadors all over the globe.

Below you will find the slides for our session and other details.

Our session was given live on Wednesday, 8 November from 16:30-17:05 local time and expect the video recording to be posted sometime after the event completes. Here are the slides followed by the original abstract:

Roadmap to Becoming a CNCF Ambassador

The CNCF Ambassador program is designed for individuals who are passionate about cloud native technologies and want to contribute to the community. Becoming an ambassador is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge, gain visibility within the industry, and help drive the adoption of cloud-native technologies. The road to becoming an ambassador might seem intimidating, scary, or just impossible, but it does not have to be. We've put together a roadmap that leads you to the title of CNCF Ambassador. In this session a current ambassador and the community manager share the stage to bring you insights into achieving the title of CNCF Ambassador. Whether you are a developer, student, or seasoned professional, this talk provides attendees with 5 actionable insights needed to take your cloud-native skills to the next level and become a CNCF Ambassador. Join us to learn how you can contribute to the community and advance your career by taking the road to the CNCF Ambassador community.

Room: W176

Track: Cloud Native Experience

Thanks to all that attended the talk and really enjoyed the conversations that spun out of this session as I was stopped in the halls for chats about various points in this presentation. Also big thanks to Katie for making me look good and being willing to join me on stage!