Eric D. Schabell: All Things Open 2023 - Terrifying Execs into Action (slides)

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

All Things Open 2023 - Terrifying Execs into Action (slides)

Today I presented at All Things Open the city of Raleigh, NC.

My talk this time around was all about sharing tips that are both easy and effective for you to apply immediately to your presentations, pitches, or stories as soon as you left my session. 

Along with these tips I promised to help you in terrifying your executives into action, so I was sure to give you tantalizing cloud native data to work with and showed how to weave it into your stories.

Below you'll find the original abstract and details of my session for All Things Open in October along with the slides from the session.

To review, here is the outline of my talk followed by the slides.

Cloud Native Bedtime Stories – Terrifying Execs into Action 

Anyone embedded in cloud native teams in any organization can voice their frustrations at not being taken seriously by their executive decision makers. This leads to way too much on-call stress, frustrations, and eventual burnout. With DevOps spending +10 hrs a week on issues, we could all use quick action by our executives when we find ways to fix our issues. The trick is to tell our tales in such a way as to engage, inspire, and effect change in our organizations. This session provides attendees with cloud native bedtime story examples that make your tales land within the executive human mind, and actionable insights to head home with immediate results. Join me for a half hour of power where you are empowered to tell better cloud native stories for better executive decision outcomes.

Key takeaways – Attendees to this session will be given a small yet powerful set of examples to help them effectively use their cloud native tales to motivate executives into action. Humans listen to stories (tales) more than they pay attention to pages of charts, dashboards, and data. Learn how to tell your tales, terrifying and educational, with tips and tricks to engage your executives into believing your need for organization’s cloud native improvements.

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2024

Time: 15:45 - 16:30 ET (3:34pm-4:30pm)

Room: Cloud

Thanks so much to those that attended the talk on-site in Raleigh and feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

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