Eric D. Schabell: Cloud Native + Kubernetes Edinburgh Meetup - Power up with Podman

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Cloud Native + Kubernetes Edinburgh Meetup - Power up with Podman

I'm headed back to the Cloud Native + Kubernetes (K8S) Edinburgh meetup, joining them on 15 May 2024. Meetups are really essential to my job, as they are the grounds where I can test out both ideas and hands-on content. 

Attendees are knowledgeable as they are often active in their daily jobs with the various technologies that a meetup covers. They are the perfect candidates to provide feedback on new ideas or help with crafting existing ones towards perfection.

I'll be sharing a fun session of how to get started with Podman, a fully open source OCI compliant container tool for working with container images in a developer environment.

This is a talk my team has given and we continue to perfect by sharing with diverse audiences.  I look forward to the reactions and feedback from this meetup group in Edinburgh.

Power up with Podman

Curious about containers beyond Docker? There’s a new generation of containers on the scene, Podman! Supporting secure, rootless containers for Kubernetes microservices, it was designed and built with the cloud in mind. Benefitting from the lessons learned out in the open from Docker, this next generation of containers will quickly become a trusted daily driver in your dev workflow. Covering what you need to know as an end-user from the UI to the backend, sharing a real world use case leveraging Podman for open source observability workshops Attendees will learn how Podman and the adorable seal mascots Caitlín, Maighréad and Róisín can transform their local development!

Date: 15 May 2024

Time: 18:00

Location: Codebase Ltd

Look forward to meeting all the members and sharing ideas around our experiences with cloud native containers.