Eric D. Schabell: Platmosphere - Choose Your Own Adventure with Observability Pitfalls (slides)

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Platmosphere - Choose Your Own Adventure with Observability Pitfalls (slides)

Today I was in Milan, Italy for an  event known as Platmosphere. This was an event dedicated to platform enthusiasts and turned out to be a really fun chance to share some of my observability insights with the practitioners putting platforms in the hands of their developers.

I was approached specifically about giving my talk and was flattered that they thought it was special enough to get me on the inaugural event schedule. 

It was really exciting to share this with platform engineering enthusiasts as they are on the front lines of the pain around providing platforms for their developer organizations, trying to provide observability-first processes, and tackling the challenges that this brings.

Below you'll find the slides and abstract from my talk.

My session had a pretty full room and they were engaged from the outset, which made it a really fun back and forth as discussions and questions took us over time at the end. It always makes me happy when that happens. For those looking for the slides from this session:

And for completeness, the abstract below.

3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Cloud Native Observability

Are you looking at your organization’s efforts to enter or expand into the cloud native landscape and feeling a bit daunted by the vast expanse of information surrounding cloud native observability? When you’re moving so fast with agile practices across your DevOps, SRE’s, and platform engineering teams, it’s no wonder this can seem a bit confusing. Unfortunately, the choices being made have a great impact on both your business, your budgets, and the ultimate success of your cloud native initiatives. That hasty decision up front leads to big headaches very quickly down the road.

Join me for an hour of audience engaging power where you the attendee can choose-your-own-pitfalls-adventure, by polling the attendees shall determine the course of the session! I’ll introduce attendees to the problem facing everyone with cloud native observability followed by any 3 common mistakes that I’m seeing organizations make (depending on what the attendees choose!) and how you can avoid them.

Thanks for all that came and hope to be invited back again next time!