Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Inside Open Innovation Labs Residency (Part I)

inside my open innovation labs
Open Innovation Labs
This series takes the reader on a journey, taking a peek inside life in a Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residency. This is the top tier experience for any customer*, exposing them to open collaboration, open technologies, and fast agile application delivery methods.

This experience often escapes organizations attempting digital transformation, so through submersion in an Open Innovation Labs residency Red Hat shares its experience in managing, developing, and delivering solutions with communities, open technologies and open collaboration.

Join me as I share experiences from inside a real life residency, watching Red Hat work intimately with a customer, exposing new ways of working, leveraging open technologies using fast, agile application delivery methods and open collaboration.

What's in a Red Hat Open Innovation Labs Residency?

Probably one of the most often asked question I get goes something like this, "What's it really like inside Red Hat and its open organization?"
inside my open innovation labs
It's about culture
This is a curiosity I fully understand, working at a company like Red Hat is very unique. Looking to practice what it preaches, living by the communities that foster it's products, and continuing to nurture an open source culture that’s helping customers on their digital journey.

It has always been a pleasure discussing all of this on conference stages, in meet-ups or informally over dinner somewhere in the world. I've done my best to enable our field associates who face you every day to be able to tell these stories, because when we share, we grow and our customers grow too.

Last year Red Hat launched something new to help it not just tell but show what it is all about, to share these experiences with customers, and to teach what we are learning around these themes. This experience is known as the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, specifically it's delivered as a residency where participants are immersed in several weeks fully disconnected from their daily routines.

Let's look at how this works, shall we?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

10 Steps to Cloud Happiness: Step 9 - Exploring Financial Services

10 steps cloud happiness
Step 9 - Exploring Financial Services
Every journey starts at the beginning and this journey's no exception, a journey of 10 steps to cloud happiness

As previously presented in the introduction, it's possible to find cloud happiness through a journey focused on the storyline of digital transformation and the need to deliver applications in to a cloud service.

Application delivery and all it's moving parts such as containers, cloud, platform as a service (PaaS) and a digital journey requires some planning to get started. There's nothing like hands-on steps to quickly leverage real experiences as you prepare.

Previously we covered how to get a cloud, the use of a service catalog, how to add cloud operations functionality, centralizing business logic, process improvement, the human aspect, a retail web shop, and curing travel woes, so what's next?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

AppDev in the Cloud - Financial Services with Process Driven Application

AppDev Cloud
Process driven with KPI's
There has been much written about AppDev in the Cloud on this site.

From series on cloud happiness to example demo projects, it's all about getting you started with containers, application delivery, and open technologies to support your digital journey.

Not only that, it's a starting point for your hybrid cloud planning, satisfying the need for running your applications anywhere. You have been running examples provided here locally on your machines, in your data centers and in your private cloud, and now you can continue that journey with container deployments and applications delivery that can span many cloud providers.

Along these lines there are always processes in your organization that are being optimized for maximizing your customer's experiences with your services. A good example of this is automating and easing a new customers onboarding experience in your organization. To this end, you are driving business through process driven applications that integrate services, front end applications and processes in your organization to ease new customers onbaording experience.

Let's take a closer look through the use of an example project with open technologies by Red Hat.