Eric D. Schabell: APK preperations for 2006

Saturday, January 7, 2006

APK preperations for 2006

As my APK is coming up soon in Feb 2006 I thought it would be time to get the Mini in order. After a brief inspection (my wife has been driving most of the time into town with it, I have not had much time behind the wheel) I have replaced the following:

97675 km
  • sparkplug cables
  • distribution cap
  • outside rubber strips
  • replaced missing clips in the front and back window stripping
  • air filter
  • sparkplugs
I have had trouble with the motor seeming to be missing on the firing, might have to replace the contact points but want to check the spacing on the sparkplugs first as I did not do that before inserting them (I did not have a spacer tool, now I have picked one up).

I have a few weeks to sort this all out as I would like to get thru an APK check in one go!

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