Eric D. Schabell: eGroupWare week 01 progress report

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

eGroupWare week 01 progress report

Worked on the English manual pages for the Calendar application, continuing where I left off last year. The following pages updated:
  • ManualCalendar:en: Calendar
  • ManualAcl:en: ACL
  • ManualCalendarChange:en: Switch between the different available views
  • ManualCalendarDay:en: Day View
  • ManualCategory:en: ManualCategory
  • ManualCalendarView:en: View an Appointment
  • ManualCalendarSearching:en: ManualCalendarSearching
  • ManualCalendarList:en: ManualCalendarList
This is enough work for one day if you ask me! At the end of the day I started getting database errors when trying to save my changes so stopped. Helped a few users on the mailinglist and one on irc.

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