Eric D. Schabell: Found the problem: Contact points are bent

Monday, January 30, 2006

Found the problem: Contact points are bent

After my wife was having problems with the Mini stopping, jerking and basically running real bad I took some time this weekend to take a look at the cause.

I traced it from the contact points and immediately found the problem. Instead of having two contact heads resting flat on each other, one is slightly off center and twisted so that it is at the right spacing on one side (0.35mm) and too far apart on the other side (over 0.40mm). This will cause problems.

With some help from a neighbor, we decided to set the spacing based on the outer side (widest point) and the Mini is now running great! This week it goes for the APK checks so it was necessary to sort this out.

Fingers crossed for the APK, will I make it thru in one go?????