Eric D. Schabell: Java on Guice - Dependency Injection (video)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Java on Guice - Dependency Injection (video)

A bit long (53 minutes) and informally presented, but still rather interesting video on testing. Some background on Guice for those not aware of it:

"Google Guice is an open source Dependency Injection framework from Google. Guice is based on annotations and generics unlike Spring which depends on XML of Java for wiring dependencies. Guice injects constructors, fields and methods (any methods with any number of arguments, not just setters). Guice provides support for custom scopes, static member injection, Spring as well as Struts 2.x integration and AOP Alliance method interception. Guice is available at Google Code. You can find the User guide and Javadocs from there."