Eric D. Schabell: Follow-up: Linux courses available online free!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Follow-up: Linux courses available online free!

This week I was Dugg on a page I have had on my site for some time now, an amazing experience to watch.

I put a new plug-in for Digg and Delicious on my site and was testing it by using my Linux courses available online free page. Well, this took off like a rocket and the web-server was straining very hard just to keep up (and failing to do so more often than not)… I was able to recover from the problems by turning on the site caching plug-in but it was still a very busy day.

The hit counter took off on the first day far above my normal average of around 200-250 visitors and peaked at 964 hits. Day two was the high point, 7314 hits! Day three saw a drop to 844 and day four (weekdays all of them) was back down to 292 hits. Today is Saturday and it is afternoon my time with the counter up to 1536 hits and counting.

The site has a feature that ranks the top 10 most popular Dugg articles in the first 12 hours of their lives (from the point that they hit the status of ‘popular’). My courses hit the #3 spot before time ran out:

Ranked #3 on

I have kept an eye on the comments as the material in the courses that was posted is a bit old. I teach these every so often and it has been some time since the last course was taught. I only update the material when on a paid assignment (so if hired I customize and update to the clients wishes). This was noted by a few people in the comments.

Other than that, was nice to see that there is apparently a big need of on-line free courses for Linux. Maybe a good idea to start an Open Source Project that provides this? Would there be enough interest in maintaining a set of courses on-line?

I wonder… ;-)