Eric D. Schabell: AbTLinux - more coding progress on the package manager

Thursday, December 27, 2007

AbTLinux - more coding progress on the package manager

It has been awhile since I last posted on this subject, so thought it might be time to provide some news on the various updates to the code base.

My new job has settled down a bit so that I have been able to make some time for coding on AbTLinux. This has led to the completion of features and reduced our unit test failure count from 18 down to 12. Here is a summary of the updates:
  • refactored reinstalling a package to allow for fully automated runs
  • implemented show-frozen
  • implemented freeze
  • added /etc/abt configuration directories setup
  • refactored update package and package tree implementation
  • implemented retrieve package tree (part of package-repo add)
  • refactored some logging to make use of ruby Logger
  • implemented verify-integrity
  • fixes to the pruge-src function
  • implemented show-files
I have also split out the general software posting I was doing on AbTLinux into it's own category. This is due to the fact that I might be losing my current Trac and website hosting in 2008. I am not sure, but want to have someplace to document the projects coding progress until I am able to sort out a new site location.