Sunday, December 16, 2007

JBOSS jBPM team lead

It has been quiet here on all things software related since my new commercial job started at the end of the summer. I must admit, it has taken me by storm and I did not realize how much fun a commercial software job could be!

I started out as a bit of a software engineer and have quickly migrated into the team lead on an interesting piece of Java software,jBPM. This component provides (as stated on the projects site):

"Create business processes that coordinate people, applications, and services. Designed for SMB and large enterprise applications alike, JBoss jBPM brings process automation to a much wider set of business problems, from embedded workflow to enterprise business process orchestration and BPM."

This has put me into an interesting position in a rather short period of time, one that gives me the chance to direct how this component will be applied in our future software projects. We are currently setting up a reference project so that we have a valid and well researched application that includes not only the coded solution (jBPM flow, node handler code and web services), but also a proper testing framework and a complete set of documentation (Software Architecture Document with Use Cases and Use Case realizations).

I am very excited by this as it shows a desire from within our organization to learn from the past experiences, invest the time to improve the process, and apply what we have learned directly into the coming projects. jBPM will remain a core component for our organization and I will be posting more on my vision and experience with this tool. Subjects like where should business logic be placed within our work flows and integrating jBPM into web services themselves are topics that are coming in the near future.

Should you have a desire for more information or have experiences you might want to share, feel free to contact me.


  1. Good good, very good, exactly how did you promote? Wasn't somebody already assigned to such a big thing as BPM?


    T. Smollen

  2. Well, we had just finished our first BPM project and I was rather taken by jBPM / BPM itself. I showed enough interest to be noticed by my boss and the rest is history.

    I have since started work on a BPM paper (, we have implemented 3 more jBPM projects, and we have started to organize a jBPM core team to advise future/existing projects.

    It keeps me busy you might say!

  3. As you might have noticed, the link in the above comment should be now since my domain moved.

  4. Team lead on 2007, and now, the key architect of jBPM, in 2011...Hmmm...great going Eric...All the best...