Eric D. Schabell: Endorsing Seth Alan Woolley for Secretary of State

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Endorsing Seth Alan Woolley for Secretary of State

Imagine my surprise when I opened my overseas ballot for the coming US Presidential election and saw this guy here in the picture on the ballot for Secretary of State for Oregon!

I have known Seth Alan Woolley for quit some time now through my work on an Open Source project called Sourcemage GNU/Linux. I even had the chance to meet up with him in Portland on one of my trips home.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that I am not a registered Pacific Green Party voter. I will of course be voting for Seth as I am more than sure he is sincere in his promises and commitments. He has been active in the Pacific Green Party and politics in general as long as I can remember.

Though our ideas on life and politics sometimes differ, he always stood for what he truly believes in. Take some time to look at the site linked through the picture, it outlines some of his plans. I wish him lots of luck and will be watching this part of the elections closely this year!

I fully endorse Seth Alan Woolley for the office of Oregon Secretary of State.