Eric D. Schabell: Cycling summer 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cycling summer 2008

I have been a bit remis in keeping this section on cycling updated with my latest rides. I guess the best course is to sum up the summer (June - July - August) in a single post and mention my next ride coming up.

I have been cycling quite a bit to work and around the area when possible to extend the 20km distance that is my home-work ride. I have averaged around 450 - 500 km per month over the summer which is 1350-1500 km's in total. This included my vacation in the Belgium Ardennes, which was really great with all the climbing I was able to do!

I have also signed up for the Dam to Dam ride in September. I am doing it with a few friends that don't ride much, so instead of the 140km tour, we will be doing the 60km. It is pretty cool as they shutdown the roads for you and we get to ride through the I-tunnel to exit and enter Amsterdam.

I have also started to look into a newer bike, let's say an upgrade from the VT 730c I have on up to the VT 780. I would like to get onto a bit better gear before I ride up the big monster hills next year on vacation!