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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

jBPM from the trenches - status of jBPM process rework

It has been almost two months since I last posted on the progress of our jBPM process rework. We have solved the composite business service issues and have since completed the following steps:
  • Business logic has been encapsulated into services and pushed down into the SOA layer.
  • Discussion on composite business services has been initiated for our SOA layer.
  • A first process state node is being setup with complete unit testing
  • The state-proxy is being integrated into the process layer.
The tasks left to be done in the coming year (we are winding down for 2008):
  • Transitional actions are being brought up into process steps
  • Core process steps are being black-boxed so that you can fill them with any eventual project specific sub-flow definitions as needed.
This week we have started the implementation of a custom jBPM class loader to facilitate running multiple projects on a single jBPM engine where we want to access different service versions. I will post more on this soon, after implementing our design and proving it works. I can say we have decided against having it link into maven to solve a projects dependencies.

That's it for now from the trenches.

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