Eric D. Schabell: VanTuyl VT730c Aluminum - for sale

Monday, December 29, 2008

VanTuyl VT730c Aluminum - for sale

UPDATE: this bike has been sold!

After almost three years on my current road bike, touring places like Normandy, the Ardennes, the Veluwe, and Limburg, it is time for an upgrade. I have just purchased a new road bike, a VanTuyl 740.

I can either trade my current road bike in or sell it myself, so I thought I would put it online should anyone be interested. Here are the component details:

VanTuyl VT730c Aluminum
  • purchased in September 2005 (have receipt)
  • all maintenance yearly by VanTuyl (have receipts)
  • this summer: new rear cassette, new chain, new seat pin, new handlebars and pin, and new tires (have receipts)
  • Frame: 59 cm sloping (normally 60cm, my height is 191 cm)
  • Front fork: Quasar carbon
  • Seat and handlebar pins: Nova Quasar
  • Seat: San Marco
  • Handlebars: Pro XLt
  • Computer: PRO Digi-10
  • Gears: Shimano Sora Triple - 3 front (52 - 30) and 8 rear (23 - 13), so you have 24 gears
  • Wheels: Stylus Racing (622x13) with Michelin Lithon tires
  • Pedals: Shimano
If you are interested in this bike, you are too late as it has been sold!

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