Eric D. Schabell: jBPM community day report

Saturday, May 9, 2009

jBPM community day report

Yesterday I was at the jBPM Community Day in Antwerp, Belgium and I wanted to give you a bit of an impression of what went down there.

It all started with a kickoff presentation by Tom Baeyens, Founder and Lead of JBoss jBPM with an overview of what jBPM is. This was a rather global look at the simple theory behind the process engine and a bit of an overview of what jBPM v4 is. This led to some interesting discussions as the public interacted and fired off questions. The audience was a mix of 50/50 of developers and non-BPM users which made for a nice mix of strategic and technical discussions.

The second presentation was started by me, just to explain what I had been doing at the SNS Bank, what the background was on the story, and that as I am now a Red Hat employee it would be better if Maurice de Chateau (the current SNS Bank jBPM Team Lead) gave the details. Maurice gave a complete overview of the last 2 years of jBPM implementation experience that we had built up, with some do's, some gotcha's, and some architectural details. This finished up with quite a few questions and discussions that dripped over into the follow up break for coffee. Nice to chat with the various community members from the jBPM world!

The final presentation was given by Joram Barrez
that was a demo of a pretty neat Bluetooth activated jBPM v4 (based on the beta 1 release) application. He was a very funny and knowledgeable speaker that captivated the audience.

After this we headed off for either home (those that were done with the day) or to a dinner organized by the jBPM team. It was full of development talks, good food, and of course the famous Belgian beer.

I was able to chat with Tom a bit and I am looking forward to the next community event!


  1. Good write-up Eric! It was nice to meet you & Maurice as well as the jBPM guys. A very useful event as far as I'm concerned.

    PS: you didn't even stay for the Belgian beers! ;-)

  2. @Edgar, thanks enjoyed chatting with you too.

    PS. Right, had a long first week at Red Hat behind me, the Belgian beers will have to be next time. Rain check?


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