Eric D. Schabell: Welcome to Red Hat EMEA

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to Red Hat EMEA

Just back from the introduction trip at Red Hat EMEA headquarters in Munich, Germany. Was two days of introduction to the company, meeting various people in the chain of command, and a third day with my new boss.

One of the best parts was a tour of the Munich center of town, by a very funny tour guide. He showed us all the key points of interest, told us what beer was the best, and explained the rivalry between Munich and Austria.

The pictures (from top left, to bottom right) show the original royal palace, some monuments taken from Italy, and the point where the original coup attempt by Hitler failed. This tour was followed by a dinner and real Bavarian food with beer in mugs with lids on them. It was a late night... ;-)

I couldn't believe my eyes when they gave each of us an honest to goodness 'Red Hat', which is pretty much the diploma for the introduction. Not sure I will ever wear that to a customer visit but it sure does look good on Tux, doesn't it?