Monday, August 30, 2010

First ever EMEA version of JUDCON 2010 in Berlin: Get your BPM ducks in a row - preparing for migration to jBPM5

I would really like to attend this first every EMEA version of the JBoss Developers Conference (JUDCON 2010) in Berlin on 7-8 October. Therefore, I have thrown my best pitch at the Call for Papers and we will see what happens:

(Workflow and BPM track)

Get your BPM ducks in a row - preparing for migration to jBPM5
With the recent shift to unify the projects  DroolsFlow and jBPM4.x into jBPM5, we are all wondering what the impact could be to our existing BPM projects. What is new in jBPM5? What does  one need to be aware of? What does one need to prepare in advance for a  move to this new platform? All these questions and more will be  discussed in this session.

First, we will take a look at what has happened historically within jBPM  to get us where we are now, with jBPM3.x and jBPM4.x versions. We will  discuss DroolsFlow in relation to the path towards jBPM5. Next we will  take a look at the Request for Comments (RFC) that was put into the  community and resulting architecture for the future of BPM within JBoss  Middleware. This leads to a closer look at the resulting jBPM5 road map  and how this will relate to the JBoss Enterprise BPM products moving  towards the future.

Finally we will provide a plan for positioning your existing Enterprise  jBPM projects for the eventual move towards jBPM5. This will cover the  architectural layers involved, a look at the tooling being created for  this and steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition moving into  your jBPM future.