Eric D. Schabell: JFall 2010: Real life jBPM - automating your travel experience, the open source way!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

JFall 2010: Real life jBPM - automating your travel experience, the open source way!

Together with a fellow jBPM enthusiast, submitted the following paper to the JFall 2010 call for papers:


The Schiphol Group has developed a product called Service Dropoff for a large Dutch airline which automates the baggage check-in process. By removing the middle man, you are able to check-in for your vacation trip without having to wait in the long lines we all find at airport check-in desks.

This session will start with the background story on how the Service Dropoff project came into being. This will shed light onto the very first automated baggage check-in system in the entire world and how this came to be.

We  will then take a look at the Service Dropoff project as it was first developed and deployed in 2004. The results of this will be shown in the market via a video made at the time for marketing purposes which runs through actual traveller usage of the automated baggage check-in machine. This project provided many insights into the impact that various solution choices had and we will discuss these as they translate to a future wish list of improvements.

Next we will highlight the Service Dropoff version 2.0 project, which is currently going into production at Schiphol Airport. The projects goals will be outlined, along with a closer look at the technical details of the implementation. This will provide various insights into what was improved and why. The new Service Dropoff project addresses the best practices and issues we have encountered based on actual usage by travellers going through Schiphol Airport.

After this session, you will be ready for your first automated vacation where you can test drive our jBPM solution while checking in for your next flight!