Eric D. Schabell: JFall 2010: In2Flow – solving your BPM human task problems!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

JFall 2010: In2Flow – solving your BPM human task problems!

Together with another jBPM enthusiast, we submitted this session to the JFall 2010 call for papers:

 SNS Bank is a leading provider of on-line internet banking products within the Dutch financial market. The last three years she has been converting her activities from a traditional branch offices to an on-line experience. This transition has involved extensive business process implementations to put both internal service processes, external service processes as well as product selling channels online.

An important part of their processes has always been connected to human tasks, as the financial world often requires human validation / intervention at crucial points in the various processes. To facilitate BPM human tasks SNS Bank has implemented various jBPM GUI solutions. These solutions have led to some important lessons when interacting with jBPM that we will present.

These lessons have led to the In2Flow application provides this session with a great example of how to interact in your jBPM processes using human tasks. This implementation will be discussed and includes SEAM, JBoss Cache, Rich Faces, JBoss WS and all of the best practices to modularize your human task development in future projects.

The lead developer of the In2Flow application will detail the architecture and cover the most important points that you need to be aware of to develop a scalable, flexible, extensible jBPM human task solution for your next jBPM project. This will include an overview of the management information and empirical data that is collected on the human tasks processed within In2Flow, based on four months in a production environment.

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