Eric D. Schabell: JBoss Developer Studio 5 - upcoming release changes with SOA tooling

Thursday, June 30, 2011

JBoss Developer Studio 5 - upcoming release changes with SOA tooling

There are some changes in the structure of the JBossTools project moving towards JBDS 5 release. From this point onwards they are looking to separate the SOA tooling and posted the following in their release blog which I am bookmarking for future reference as I use these tools extensively.

Where are my SOA Tools ?
We are working on splitting out the SOA functionality (Teiid, Modeshape, Drools and jbpm) from the core distribution since the SOA tooling historically are not following the same release cycle of the core and thus at times it is beneficial that they can release their final version a bit delayed from the core. That means that for this milestone the main updatesite does not contain SOA tools but will for now be on a separate update site.

JBoss Tools - SOA Tooling update site:

The final layout and distribution mechanisms might change as we collect feedback, but for now SOA is separate from the core.


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