Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Cloud Tour 2012 Amsterdam - JBoss to future-proof your Clouds

Monday, March 12, 2012

Red Hat Cloud Tour 2012 Amsterdam - JBoss to future-proof your Clouds

I will be in Amsterdam on 3rd of April 2012 talking at the Red Hat Cloud Tour 2012. We will be covering a legion of Cloud related topics, but I will be focusing on both JBoss in the Cloud and OpenShift as your PaaS of choice for your business application in the Cloud.

Leverage an Intelligent Application Infrastructure for Competitive Advantage
Realizing the benefits of cloud requires new thinking in how you build and deploy applications and how you architect an intelligent infrastructure to deliver agility, efficiency, and portability across a variety of on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid environments. The requirements range from delivering world-class user experiences across millions of devices, form factors, and client platforms, to collecting data from what analysts refer to as “the internet of things” - billions of connected devices and appliances across globally distributed networks to feed the analysis of big data for better business decisions.
In this session, you'll learn how JBoss is the best choice to future-proof your application and systems infrastructure and take advantage of the latest innovations to deliver an agile, intelligent and integrated enterprise across on-premise and public clouds.