Eric D. Schabell: OpenShift Primer Revision 2 Book Published

Friday, April 11, 2014

OpenShift Primer Revision 2 Book Published

It started as a hobby and kinda spiraled out of control.

I wrote the first version a little over a year ago, the first talk that I coined the term 'OpenShift Primer' was given in Amsterdam over two years ago.

It was born from a need to get the general developer public up and running with Red Hat's OpenShift Platform as a Service (Paas) project. Not just up and running as in getting it installed, but actually getting started coding with real projects.

It is not just about real development projects, but about focusing on JBoss related projects. You will find a lot of examples and quick-starts related to JBoss projects in the Java section as this might be my favorite open source software community to demonstrate enterprise ready solutions.

I tied into this over the following year by adding more and more quick-starts, howto's and just plain fun examples to my github repository. This led to a few online articles and then a rather large talk in Boston called OpenShift State of the Union.

In the middle of that activity I collected the pieces together for the first version of this book.

The activity never stopped and the updates to the material I kept making. Often there were new and interesting things to try out with and on OpenShift. This has all made it into the newest version of the book, OpenShift Primer revision 2 which was released into the wild last week.

It will be available via soon in e-book format only, has been pushed out to Amazon, and will soon be availabel on iBooks.

This is perfect timing for you to catch up on all the advances made in OpenShift while taking your Spring vacations!

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