Eric D. Schabell: The Essential Steps to Run the BPM HR Employee Rewards Process

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Essential Steps to Run the BPM HR Employee Rewards Process

There is nothing like seeing the results of a good project come to the screen when you run it the first time.

This is also the case for those of you that have been following along with the online BPM workshop series that has been published here over the last few months.

With the final week and lab completed you are ready to build, deploy and run through the HR Employee Rewards process to see how it all looks.

In case you missed this series, we proved some of the links to get you started.

The first series of labs (1-10) focuses on JBoss BRMS and building rules, events, and ruleflow artifacts to launch your very own online retail Cool Store.

The second series of labs (11-17) puts you through the paces of creating an HR Employee Rewards process.

Series Table of Contents:

  1. The introduction and installation of JBoss BRMS 
  2. Creating a new project
  3. Creating a domain model
  4. Creating a Domain Specific Language (DSL)
  5. Creating Guided Rules
  6. Creating Technical Rules (DRL)
  7. Creating Guided Decision Tables
  8. Create RuleFlow Process
  9. Create Test Scenarios
  10. Running the Cool Store
  11. Installing JBoss BPM Suite
  12. Creating Rewards Project
  13. Create Domain Model
  14. Create Rewards Process
  15. Complete Process Details
  16. Creating User Task Forms
  17. Running Rewards Demo

Now that you have run through the results yourself in the final lab 17, we wanted to provide a link to a video run through of this project:

We hope you enjoy this video.