Eric D. Schabell: 4 Ways To Kick-start Projects With Business Resource Optimizer

Monday, January 5, 2015

4 Ways To Kick-start Projects With Business Resource Optimizer

Optimize your Cloud.
There is nothing like finding that perfect tool, the tool that will help you to optimize your projects current solution.

Often we are confronted with a new tool that we would love to use, but our organization and the rest of your team needs to be subtly convinced that this is the next best thing since sliced bread.

This need in combination with the free advertising space you have on the lid of your laptop has led us to provide you with a perfect way to solve this dilemma.
Optimize logistical problems.

The following laptop stickers are brand new and specifically targeting the use of JBoss BRMS Business Resource Optimizer component, that will help you with all your optimization needs.

It will optimize planning, packing, resource allocation, tracking, coordination and many other problems based on the goals and restrictions you provide.

For a look at several use cases where the Business Resource Optimizer component shines we provide a demo project you can install yourself.

So without further delay, we present these four ways to start hyping optimization for your projects.

1. Goal digger

Become the goal digger and find that ultimate solution.

It's all about digging for the right goals!

2. Good luck

There is no such thing as good luck, it requires good planning, so get planning today!

3. Failing to plan

If you have trouble executing, you might want to consider this sticker for your laptop to remind you where the focus needs to be.

A lack of a plan is the first problem it solves!

4. Goals

Do you sit behind your laptop and on your projects dreaming of the perfect plan to execute all your solutions on?

Do you feel like planning is the ultimate way to reach your goals?

Maybe this sticker for your laptop will help turn your wish into reality.

Where to get them?

These stickers are fresh off the presses and can be obtained by finding your favorite JBoss Technology Evangelist or other optimization specialist at the next conference, event or meetup group.

They will be more than happy to paste your laptop up with any number of stickers to help you make your plans and goals reality.