Eric D. Schabell: Taking the Developers Journey at OSCON 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Taking the Developers Journey at OSCON 2015

This summer in my home town, Portland, OR, the annual O'Reilly OSCON conference will be held.

From July 20-24th OSCON celebrates, defines, and demonstrates the power of open source in the world today. From small businesses to the enterprise, open source is the first choice of IT everywhere.

Together with Markus Eisele, we have submitted the following proposal.

There and back with JBoss - the developers journey

As members of the developer fellowship using JBoss, similar to the epic story from Tolkien, we too embark on a journey that takes us from the humble beginnings of projects to the solid towers of products. This session will immerse you in the story of how a project is born, how the developer engages in her first contact with the JBoss community, the discovery of the technology and how this process evolves to something bigger. The journey winds through the JBoss ecosystem and leads to possibilities, often unknown to the user, that bring order, trust and solid enterprise solutions to their daily lives.

Join us for an hour of story telling, epic discoveries, long lost love for the art of solving complex problems with open technology and the warm glow of understanding the big picture of how JBoss ties it all together to support you on each journey to embark upon.

Hope to see you all there.