Eric D. Schabell: From Design to Execution with JBoss BPM Suite & Signavio Process Editor

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

From Design to Execution with JBoss BPM Suite & Signavio Process Editor

Occasionally we are asked about JBoss BPM Suite integration with other products and layers in an enterprises architecture.

We have published articles talking about how to achieve this with various aspects such as:
Articles are one thing, but seeing is believing, so we have done a few webinars to show you live how to tackle integration:
Signavio process editor with mortgage process design
before exporting to JBoss BPM Suite.
Along with these articles we have always published demo projects that give you a closer look and chance to get hands on with these integration strategies:
There is another integration story yet to be told about how one can leverage other tooling together with JBoss BPM Suite.

This article will introduce one such company, Signavio, that provides a Signavio Process Editor so " can start modeling and engaging your organization in improving operational efficiency through the development of optimal models..."

The following demo project provides a working example of how you can model an example mortgage process in Signavio Process Editor and then bring it into JBoss BPM Suite where you can add implementation details, integration details and other implementation details to finally execute the mortgage process end-to-end.

Imported Signavio Process Editor mortgage workflow.

Demo project

As always we bring you not only a story, but a reusable demo project you can easily spin up yourself to explore the details around how a JBoss BPM project would integrate with the model designed in Signavio Process Editor.

The project is called the JBoss BPM Suite & Signavio Process Editor Integration Demo.

The project installs JBoss BPM Suite 6.1 with an example mortgage project with rules, process, forms and other artifacts. It also includes a copy of an exported Signavio Process Editor mortgage process that we then show how to import.
Final mortgage workflow project with
implementation details and integration
details completed. Ready to run!

This gives you the initial starting point after importing the Signavio process and the completely integrated final mortgage project that you can run side-by-side.

To setup this project there are just a few simple steps to get going and will be up and running minutes:


  1. Add products to installs directory.
  2. Run '' or 'init.bat' file. 'init.bat' must be run with Administrative privileges.
  3. Start JBoss BPMS Server by running '' or 'standalone.bat' in the /target/jboss-eap-6.1/bin directory.
  4. Login to http://localhost:8080/business-central
    - login for admin, appraisor, broker, and manager roles (u:erics / p:bpmsuite1!)
  5. Mortgage Loan demo pre-installed as project.
  6. Using process designer, import the Signavio process that was exported to the file found in:
  7. Looking to Automate your business?
    See screenshots provided in project for how this should look and note that the JBoss BPM Suite process designer included validation that puts messages about tasks not specified, this is correct as at this point you need to start implementing the process tasks.
You can examine the imported process and note the various details captured during initial workshops have been put into the process details for each step in the workflow. After implementing these steps you will find the final process ready to run.

You can now explore the final project by deploying it and starting a new instance.

We hope you enjoy this example project and feel free to browse for more at JBoss Demo Central.