Eric D. Schabell: Released jBPM Migration Tooling v0.14

Monday, June 22, 2015

Released jBPM Migration Tooling v0.14

Got your ducks in a row?
With the new version of JBoss BPM Suite in the works, it is time again to release the work being done on the jbpmmigration project.

With thanks to Petr Široký for the fixes and release work, we are happy to announce the availability of the jBPM Migration projects, jbpmmigration v0.14.

We have fixed a few issues, added release to JBoss Nexus, and we remain at a test total of 42 process conversion examples.

The OpenShift jBPM Migration WebApp has been updated to run with the current release, you can find it here and test your processes against the migration tooling.

Future planning is to include this update into the jBPM Designer within the JBoss BPM Suite product soon.

We hope you enjoy converting your jPDL 3.2 into BPMN2 with this release.

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