Eric D. Schabell: Codemotion Amsterdam 2016 - Cloud, private PaaS, BPM sessions galore

Monday, February 15, 2016

Codemotion Amsterdam 2016 - Cloud, private PaaS, BPM sessions galore

This coming Spring there will be a CodeMotion conference in Amsterdam in May from 11th - 12th, 2016.

It has been awhile since I last talked at CodeMotion Rome, more due to conflicting dates of their events with Red Hat Summit, JUDCon and now DevNation events.

This year I am able to time their Amsterdam event with other activities I am helping with in Europe, so I wanted to submit a few talks.

I now have a broader spectrum of technology to talk about and wanted to bring some of that to the event for you, so let's see how it plays out. The following talks have been submitted to the Call for Papers which is open until Feb 15, 2016.

Awaken the Force in your developers with a modern containerized Cloud

Application developers are constantly struggling to create enterprise solutions while deploying them across various environments and traversing new DevOps strategies.

How can we assist a smooth transition into the Cloud?

The answer can be found within a Cloud Suite solution. Attendees will be taken on a tour, one that provides them with the ability to enable and awaken the Force within their current developer team. Join us for an hour of power as we delve into OpenStack, OpenShift, containerized deployments as easy as jumps to light-speed.

Super charge your AppDev toolbox with OpenShift PaaS

There are very few things better for an application developer than a solid Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure that takes away all of the underlying service pains and let's her focus on her application development. One of the best out there is OpenShift Online, which you can use freely online, but if you are interested in having a local installed private PaaS then we have the session for you!

Join us to install your very own OpenShift private PaaS in minutes, letting you focus on your application development and leaving heavy lifting to OpenShift. So easy even your Granny can do it!

7 steps to your first process with JBoss BPM Starter Kit

There is nothing quite like getting your developer game on with a new BPM technology or product, but are there enough resources at your disposal to kick-start your journey?
This session will answer that question, taking you on a journey through the ultimate JBoss BPM starter kit. You get a straight forward, easy to consume and ready to go set of hands-on resources that will have you producing BPM projects in a matter of hours. We will guide you through the 7 steps to your first process project with the JBoss BPM starter kit for attendees to take home with them.

What do you mean, "You can't ignore the stack anymore?"

When your background is application development, you have spent many years perfecting your craft, learned languages and concepts, made it a point to learn to make good architectural decisions when pulling together the applications you develop.

The problem is, we tend to ignore the stack we are working on as much as we can. Well it's time that we as application developers broadened our horizons a bit, expanding our understanding of the stack we work on with the introduction of Cloud, Platform As A Service (PaaS) and containers to our toolboxes.

Ready to stop ignoring your stack?

Hope to see you there!

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