Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Summit 2016 - Can't miss sessions on rules, integration, BPM and Cloud

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Red Hat Summit 2016 - Can't miss sessions on rules, integration, BPM and Cloud

Previously I posted the various talks and labs I submitted or co-submitted to the upcoming Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, CA from June 28 - July 1.

This week the invites started to roll out to speakers that got accepted or rejected. I got a combination of these, with two submissions accepted and two rejected.

The following talks and labs were accepted:

SL43953 - How to enhance customer experience through integration and automation of business events in the Cloud (Hands on Lab)

With Cloud providing a more elastic and flexible architecture to handle a multitude of business events from many different devices, we are faced with many challenges to process, analyze and react correctly to the ever changing business world around us. 

With JBoss A-MQ we are provided with many common protocols to connect our business events with our devices, but business information without the ability to filter for effective customer responses, detecting meaningful behavior and being able to react in a timely manner will cripple our customer relationships. With JBoss BRMS together with JBoss Fuse we are able to bridge the gap between just connecting and collecting business events, to leveraging business rules to determine which events have meaning that require actions to support our customer experiences. 

In this workshop the attendee will have the chance to get hands on with the following:
  • create asynchronous event driven integration between service using JBoss A-MQ
  • create rules to to analyze business events with JBoss BRMS
  • integrate rules, message event with Enterprise Integration Patters (EIP) using JBoss Fuse
  • deploy a multi-container microservices application on OpenShift
Join us for this power workshop as you learn to optimize your customers business experience with JBoss Integration products.

SS43957- Partners in crime from design to execution with Signavio and JBoss BPM

One of the great strengths of Red Hat and Open Source is that we work closely with partners. Together we can do more is one of the core concepts at Red Hat.

Within the world of BPM process design, Signavio's Process Editor is innovative technology that you can use to start modeling and engaging your organization in improving operational efficiency through the development of optimal models, right away. From browser to iPad it's easy for any process participant to capture, document and share professional models. The next step is testing and execution your processes, this is where JBoss BPM Suite comes in with all the tools you need to flush out, deploy and execute processes that are delivered by the Signavio Process Editor. 

Are you ready to be amazed at the ease of use and availability of extensive tooling to support a transition from design to execution of your business processes? Join us for this hour of power as we demonstrate the strengths of collaboration and execution of Signavio designed processes with JBoss BPM Suite. 

Excited to be speaking again at Red Hat Summit and hope to see you in San Francisco!