Eric D. Schabell: Digital Foundations - Paving the road to Cloud solutions

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Digital Foundations - Paving the road to Cloud solutions

digital foundations
When building anything substantial, such as a house or bridge, you start by laying down a solid foundation.

Nothing changes this aspect of building brick by brick when you move from traditional constructions to application development and architectural design of your supporting infrastructure. Throw in Cloud terminology and you might think that the principles of a solid foundation are a bit flighty, but nothing is further from the truth.

In the previous article, I talked about how as your organization expands, it's hitting walls while attempting to patch together its architecture and scale out infrastructure to meet its needs.

Digital foundations

Let's take a look in this article at how you can now use the previous Cloud use cases and start paving the road to Cloud solutions that support your digital journey:
The path to your Cloud solutions lays paved with open technologies and here is why.

Cloud solutions with open technologies

In previous articles you have walked through the complex landscape that is your modern infrastructure. It contains legacy elements that run in virtualized landscapes and it might have or ascertain ambitions to run modern cloud-native application delivery methods.

Either way, you have looked deeply at four of the common Cloud use cases that describe the abilities that you are trying to apply to your own situations. You want to accelerate your service delivery, optimize existing IT assets, provide massively scalable infrastructure which will enable you to modernize both operations and development processes.

digital foundations
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All of this is on the road to a digital foundation that can support your transformation to a digital enterprise in the modern era.

While there are many choices as to the technology you might use to help you on your journey, the vast majority are betting on open technologies as their best option. With good reason.

What are some of the reasons behind paving your road to Cloud solutions with open technologies?

The road is open

With studies showing that 76% of Clouds are built on open technologies (Linux Foundation's Global 2013 Survey) it's no wonder enterprises are looking for enterprise support, the ability to get direct input into new features, receive stable and certified components, get their bugs fixed quickly, have predictable product lifecycles and expect advanced functionality.

Another issue is more than half indicated that integrating and protecting their Cloud infrastructure is their primary challenge. This means that they are struggling with high prices for components, vendor controlled innovation when not using open technologies and the mother of all lock in with high exit costs in the proprietary models.

Take a look at the only real solution to your problems and understand how the road to Cloud solutions is paved with open technologies:

The story continues... next up on building the foundations of digital transformation, I am looking at how you can approach digital return on investment (ROI) studies.