Eric D. Schabell: Taste of Summit - Discover the Foundations of Digital Transformation

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Taste of Summit - Discover the Foundations of Digital Transformation

taste of summit
This year they are giving a few previews for Red Hat Summit, which takes place from 2-4 May this year in Boston, MA.

I will be presenting a session on digital foundations as previous published, but wanted to offer this short Taste of Red Hat Summit to you in advance of the recording that will soon be put online.

My full session will be on the following:

Discover the foundations of digital transformation

The core of digital transformation is the ability to provide technology solutions in a fast paced world to your customers while satisfying business aspirations. Many organizations are following the story line, fighting the good fight, but how can Red Hat and Open Source guide your journey? This session takes you on a journey to start laying the foundations of your digital transformation story based on use cases and examples that you can explore when you return home. Join us for this hour of power, where you are given the inspiration to start building your digital foundations.

Taste of Summit preview can be found here:

Will post a link to the recording when it's live.