Eric D. Schabell: Beginners Guide: Multicloud Portability for Dummies

Monday, June 3, 2019

Beginners Guide: Multicloud Portability for Dummies

multicloud portability for dummies
This last year was a good year for talking about cloud, hybrid cloud, and hybrid multicloud.

We saw many organziations struggling with some of the same issues time and again. Their frustrations being voiced were enough that together with Roel Hodzelmans we pulled together an introductory session for Red Hat Summit 2018 entitled, 3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Hybrid Multicloud.

Based on reactions to this talk we decided to expand the reach with a series of four articles covering all aspects of the material.  The series was picked up through on, generating so much interest that there's clearly a need for these multicloud insights.

Together with the 'for dummies' series, we came up with an outline based on our content, feedback from attendees, and the published articles. This become a free e-book you can download, so let's look at the outline.

Here's a brief overview of the contents.

Chapter 1 - Surveying your cloud landscape

Touching on the reasons cloud can be compelling for your organization, you'll look at cloud benefits, workloads, and how to evaluate hybrid, multicloud, and hybrid multicloud combinations. 

Chapter 2 - Strategizing your best cloud solutions

Looking at the core pitfalls to your organizations cloud options in this chapter, the focus is on providing you with the foundation to make effective choices with your cloud strategy.

Chapter 3 - Building a cloud to fit your needs

When building your cloud to fit your needs, the strategy is of paramount importance to have an overview of applications, migration plans, the business case, and so much more. 

Chapter 4 - Making your hybrid multicloud happen

Planning only goes so far, now it's time to execute on the plan. From pilot to production you'll take a look at how to make this happen with the best chances of success.

Chapter 5 - Ten hybrid multicloud secrets

These would be secrets, so download the e-book and find out what they are!

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