Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Tech Day 2019 - Open is Key to Your Career (slides)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Red Hat Tech Day 2019 - Open is Key to Your Career (slides)

red hat tech dayYesterday we kicked off the Red Hat Tech Day 2019 in Netherlands with a motivational keynote where I was asked to share stories on how the philosophy of 'open' is key to your career.

Over 200 attendees showed up and were both interactive and engaged about how they could look at themselves, share more of what they know, and as a side effect positively affect their careers.

With well over 50% of the audience indicating 15 years or more in the IT workforce, the topic was very relevant. Too many of us are engaged in work tasks and forget to share the vast wealth of knowledge we've acquired over these years.

Below the slides used in this keynote followed by the abstract originally posted on the event agenda.

Open is Key to Your Career

It's not magic. It's not luck. It's not going to happen by itself, so what's the secret sauce? Understanding what makes a career in open source grow, what choices are crucial, and what actions accelerate or damage your open source future are sometimes hard to grasp. Learning to position, expand and grow your personal brand in the open source world is what this session provides. Be ready for your next step in open source. Join me and you'll be given a clear and easy to use plan for jump starting your open source career immediately.

Thanks for attending and thanks to those that approached me to share their stories.