Eric D. Schabell: DevConf.US 2022 - Exploring Open Source Telco Success at Scale (slides)

Friday, August 19, 2022

DevConf.US 2022 - Exploring Open Source Telco Success at Scale (slides)

defconf us As previously postedDevConf.US 2022 took place this week in Boston, MA.

Together with Ishu Verma, we presented our thoughts and work on developing architectures based on existing telco customers from Red Hat. 

Not only did we share the path taken to develop these architectures, but we also shared the tooling, diagrams, and links to how the audience can get started with the work and tooling. 

Below we've shared the slides from our talk. 

First the slides, then the title and abstract for your enjoyment:

Exploring Open Source Telco Success at Scale

You've heard of large scale open source architectures, but have you ever wanted to take a serious look at real life enterprise telco implementations that scale? This session takes attendees on a tour of multiple use cases for enterprise challenges in the telco domain with a look at use cases for integration, networks, 5G, hyperscalers, and much more. Not only are these architectures interesting, but they are successful real life implementations featuring open source technologies and power many of your own edge experiences.

The attendee departs this session with a working knowledge of how to map general open source technologies to their own telco solutions. Material covered is available freely online and attendees can use these solutions as starting points for aligning to their own solution architectures. Join us for an hour of power as we talk architecture shop!

Thanks to those that attended and if you are reading this online, feel free to reach out with comments or feedback.