Eric D. Schabell: Biking in the snow today!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Biking in the snow today!

I was going to ride today no matter what! I get up at 0800 and what do I find, snow on the ground... but not enough to stop me from riding. I had an appointment at VanTuyl's for a bike tune-up so off I went.

It was cold and had a nice chance to try out my new winter bike jacket that my Sinterklaas and birthday money bought. The head gear I got was great, my new gloves are warm, the only problem was my toes got rather cold even though I has over-socks. I guess I need to get the stay-dry ones for winter.
Winter jacket

Road only for about 25km, but was nice. Had to hose down the bike once home to clean off the road grime and salts. After a nice hot shower I was back to myself!

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