Eric D. Schabell: A look back at 2005!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A look back at 2005!

This has been a very good year for me, lots of progress and fine things have happened to me, much to be thankful for!

In January my best buddy was here for a week before he had to head off to Iraq (in the USMC). Was a great time with the high point him chugging a bottle of hot sauce at our poker night! All went well with his tour and he made it home in one piece thank God!

We also placed an addition to our livingroom onto our house, added about 3 meters of space. Was a bit project that really had me working overtime to help with various aspects of the building. Also put in a loft on the third floor, just finished that up this week!

At work I started on our IRIS Publication Management System, which kept me busy for most of the year. From requirements to implementation which is now finishing up the 1.0 functionality it has been my main project this last year. I submitted a technical report on the project just a few weeks ago, see my publications listing.

The sum total of my publications this year is three. I helped on one conference paper and published two technical reports on projects I was involved in, not too bad I guess.

Was also involved with evaluation, testing and leading the implementation of eGroupWare for our entire organization. With around 100 users it has been a bit of work. At the end of this year I have been tasked with upgrading to the new 1.2 release and providing both development and helpdesk support for our organization. I contacted the eGroupWare development group and am on the list to help out. I have started with the manual pages for English, which need a bit of work yet while I await more information from the very busy project team (with a new release not much time for other things).

Had a wonderful summer vacation in Limburg, which lead me to start biking again. I have picked up a nice road bike (24 gears, a real Van Tuyl) and received some sponsored gear. I have been biking to work (20km/day) anyway so not too much trouble with the distances. Highlight was a fall ride with Erik Proper in the Veluwe over 80kms, awsome! Planning another summer vacation in Limburg but this time I take my bike with me!

Only taught a few Linux courses for IBM this year, that has been slowing down along with the economy. Not sure what to expect in 2006, time will tell!

All is well with my baby girl, she turned 1 this year! Healthy, happy and very active. She just started walking this month so things are going faster and faster for us.

I will close now with a wish for everyone to have a safe end for 2005 and a very Happy New Year in 2006!