Eric D. Schabell: IRIS Publication Management System update

Saturday, December 17, 2005

IRIS Publication Management System update

Time to start mentioning my work on a development project for my work, called the IRIS Publication Management System or PMS for short. Believe me, I know the English meaning for PMS, but it does fit when you see the headaches it gives me! You can take a look at the production site running here:

This week I have received help from a colleage, who will be implementing the edit publication functionality. Good for me so I can concentrate on finishing the submission workflow for inproceedings, incollection and inbook, the bibtex types that are the most complicated.

I have finished the inproceedings it seems this week, so only two to go! I have a bit more testing and refining to do, but had two publications (proceedings and inproceedings) submitted at the end of the workflow so I am happy!

When I get this finished I will be releasing version 0.4. You can follow the progress on the Trac site I setup this week for the project: