Eric D. Schabell: Cycling physical passed!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cycling physical passed!

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the local hospital together with a sports doctor to evaluate my current condition with regards to cycling longer distances. The tests included a heart EKG, blood work, body fat measurements, general health check and lung potential measurements.

What was funny was the doctor was someone I knew from sight as I have season tickets to the local first division football club FC Den Bosch. She was their physio doctor for about three years and used to sit behind me with the other doctors during the games! We also chatted about her other team she takes care of now, the Den Bosch pro basketball team.

Anyhow, the results where fine. To put it in her words, “Bike as hard as you want to push yourself, you know what pain is OK.” ;-)
Some of the resulting data was pretty interesting as I used to be measured for some of this stuff in my previous military life, so I was interested in comparing a normal persons values to what my top condition was back then.

  • Weight is currently 84.4 kg (with clothes on), optimal weight would be 81 kg. Interesting as in my top form I was 79 kg.
  • Body fat is currently 21,5%, should be 17% with deviation of +/- 2% allowed. In my top form I had once measured 7% body fat.
  • Some lung values:
    • forced vital capacity (FVC) is 5,52 liters
    • forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) is 4,52 liters
    • pulmonary function (PF) is 13,0 liters/sec.

These seemed pretty interesting to me, basically I can go into ‘Hurt me plenty” mode and enjoy my rides!