Eric D. Schabell: PRIMA project hits the wall

Monday, May 19, 2008

PRIMA project hits the wall

As of today the PRIMA project has finally hit the wall where it should be. As you can see the long awaited big screen finally made it onto the wall where it is to present project management information. It has been placed high enough that both sides of the work floor can view it rather easily (of course there are a few blind spots), the photo shows it from the back of the room, about 30 meters away.

This is a big milestone for the PRIMA team and you can tell that this visual representation is drawing attention. All of a sudden project members are asking questions about why their favorite metrics are not as high as they should be!

It should be noted that this does not mean the PRIMA project has reached its final production deployment. The project will be running into the first half of June, so what the Java Domain is now seeing can be labeled as the beta version of PRIMA. Each week the team will be adding in new projects to be monitored, refactoring in the comments they are receiving, and trying to polish off the last bits of documentation. Should you want to comment on the PRIMA results, feel free to stop by our department, take a look at the big screen in action, and meet with the team members Lisa and Ikram.

As you can see, some people have found other uses for the big screen... we are not sure what the limits are, but you can be sure we will be pushing this new big screen to the limits! ;-)