Eric D. Schabell: Strange engineering marvel

Friday, May 30, 2008

Strange engineering marvel

Take a closer look... can you see it??? Does something in this picture strike at the very heart of your engineering soul?

What is even better, is that this was in a building where European Patents are processed. Do you think someone got a patent already on this?

I walked past this last week and just stopped cold. I stared. I blinked. I was dumbfounded on several fronts and the thoughts started to roll by (in no particular order):
  • how does one get the wiring past the water pipes as the wiring conventionally runs from ceiling down the walls to the sockets?
  • who paid for this work?
  • who was able to sell this work, a good sales person is my guess?
  • what part(s) of the building electricity will go out when I turn on the faucet and watch water run into/over the socket?
  • Will only some, sections, all of the buildings fuses blow? I wonder if the same guy that put this in was responsible for the rest of the building...
  • Was this done on a bet?
  • Are there really people in the electric / plumbing business that can deliver this kind of specialized work on a regular basis?
  • Is this a joke (I started looking for the hidden camera)?
  • ... (my list is endless).
What comes into your thoughts as you see this picture? Post them in the comments, I am very curious... ;-)

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