Eric D. Schabell: Invitation Open Evening (Open Avond) SNS Bank

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Invitation Open Evening (Open Avond) SNS Bank

I am not normally one to do much recruitment, but I would like to have some influence as to who is the next colleague I will have working with me on a project. Who wouldn't?

In the interest of producing good results, here is an early bird announcement. At the SNS Bank here in s-Hertogenbosch there will be an Open Evening (Open Avond) on the 4th of June. An official advertisement campaign will be launched soon to announce it all.

The SNS Bank is looking to fill the following positions:
  • V&P
    • Beheer:
      • Functioneel beheerders (4),
      • Procesbeheerder (1)
    • Ontwerp & Architectuur:
      • Procesarchitect (3)
    • Implementatie:
      • Procesmanager (2)
      • Testleider (3)
    • Staff:
      • Senior medewerker projectbureau (1)

  • IT
    • Relatiebeheer & Consultancy:
      • Medewerkers Servicedesk (3)
      • Business Consultant (1)
    • Ontwikkeling:
      • Projectmanagers (2)
    • Infrastructuur Services:
      • Infrastructuur Engineer (1)
      • Projectleiders (2)
      • Tactisch beheerder (1)
    • Datacenter Services:
      • Afdelingshoofd Continuity (1)
      • Technisch Applicatiebeheerder (1)
    • KKM:
      • IT Auditor (1)
      • Kwaliteitsmedewerker (1)
Did you notice that the list is in Dutch? The SNS Bank is a Dutch language company, so you need to speak the language before applying. The only exception is for internships which are not listed here. For more information you can see the Werken bij SNS IT site.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested, I can give you some personal information about working at SNS Bank IT and maybe even meet you at the Open Evening (Open Avond)! ;-)

================= Update 24 May 2008 ======================

The advertising has launched for the above Open Evening at the following sites; Intermediair, Monsterboard, Stepstone, Mirmir, Marktplaats, and Megajobs.

The main site for the advertisement you will find in the printed media is at Kies Voor Innovatie and you can submit your CV here.

You can sign up directly here.

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