Eric D. Schabell: PRIMA project gets the big screen

Sunday, May 11, 2008

PRIMA project gets the big screen

The PRIMA project has been waiting for this moment pretty much since they started. The 46" LCD screen has arrived!

We thought it appropriate for the team to pose with their new gadget, so you can get an idea of the size of this thing. It is just incredible to run an application on such a large screen.

Unfortunately the building custodian was unable to hang it on the wall for us as he thought the supplied bracket was too small. This has caused some problems, as I was forced to ask for a pickup of the bracket by the supplier. We did not want to wait and I was planning to pick up a new bigger one this weekend, but found out that the bracket was just fine. The mounting points the custodian wanted to use are not even mounting points... so I am planning to sort this out on Tuesday with him (or hand it up myself!).

In the mean time the entire department pretty much wanted to see the application live on the new screen, so as you can see they all pitched in to at least put the screen up on one of the central cabinets.

The picture is amazing with a very large resolution. As you can see the reactions were pretty much a collective dropping of the jaws! ;-)

The project is in its last month of development, with things moving along rather nicely. The team is planning this last Sprint to include new functionality and then they will use the remaining week(s) to polish up the PRIMA applications robustness.

The best way to sum up the reactions is with a quote from one of our Information Architects. He saw the new screen, watched in awe for a bit as it cycled through a few screens, and stated, "Damn, we could use this in our department... how can we get connected to this thing?" What better compliment could you ask for?

Finally a shot of the project overview page, showing three test projects and the results of the PRIMA evaluation algorithm which uses diverse project metrics to derive an overall score. This is then visualized in both a bar graph, a number, and finally for all the managers out there it shows faces with a representative (crying, pouting, smiling, thumbs-up) expression.

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