Eric D. Schabell: Backyard project laying out the brick work

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Backyard project laying out the brick work

Today the backyard renovation project took a turn from destruction and started on the creation phases of the project. Up to now they have only been removing things from the backyard, today they started putting some of the pieces back together.

They laid out the patio in the back left corner and put in the bricking. The dug out the drainage pipe and sunk it down a few centimeters so that my kids would not trip over it. They also have redone the front patio bricking to make to front edge a straight line. This last task removed some sunken places in the front patio bricking. You can also see in the photo take from above that the 1m x 1m step stone plates are stacked against the left fence. These will be used to create a path between the front patio and the back one. Two will have embedded LED lights in them.

The final photo shows the integrated water system tube coming out of the patio which will provide me with a single turn on point for watering the entire backyard. Little sprinklers just pop up out of the ground, gotta love that! You can also see the thin black wiring that will be attached to a switch in the garage for turning on the complete backyard lighting system that will be installed (including the lights in the stepping stones).

The next step will be putting in fill dirt, manure, and then planing the grass and flowers. I can't wait until next week!

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