Eric D. Schabell: Backyard renovation cleans out the greenery

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Backyard renovation cleans out the greenery

The backyard renovation project has taken off at full speed. They finished cleaning out the stumps, roots, and bricks that were left over from yesterday. They basically came through here yesterday with a big pair of shears and wacked all the plants and trees they could find.

Today they brought in a mini digger through our garage and you can seem them pulling up all the left over stuff. It was amazing to watch them drive that thing through the doorways to get out back...

They used two flatbed trailers to haul away all the greenery they had cut out yesterday. Today it was all put into a big container that was delivered in the morning via a semi truck.

I was off to work at 0900 hours so only saw the start, but when I got home they had filled the container full of roots, old bricks, and lots of earth that they had scraped off. They also left behind a mound of sand and had setup the brick layers that would be coming in the weekend with sand laid out in the patio areas.

These guys have been doing a real nice job and meeting all deadlines so far. What more can you ask for?

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