Eric D. Schabell: PRIMA project final screen shots

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PRIMA project final screen shots

The results are in, the students are working hard to finish up their bachelor thesis and presentation slides while we here at SNS Bank IT enjoy their work on the large LCD screen. For your enjoyment I wanted to provide a few screen shots here.

The first one is of the legend, providing the user with an overview of the used components and what the reporting elements mean. A very important one is the algorithm used to determine the over all project score.

The second one shows a listing of projects that have been put into the PRIMA monitor. They show the results of the previously described project algorithm and visual aids for the number impaired! ;-)

Finally, there is a single project overview page showing this projects status. Some components are not showing any data as they are not used in the metrics gathering for this project.

this week. Even so, you get a real good idea of week, so thereThe PRIMA project will do final delivery next will be a bit of polishing done later the results they have achieved with this project.

Kudo's to the PRIMA team!